The world is full of so many patterns, shapes and sizes. Imagine if we could bring this magnificent experience to a child, in simple dimensions, through sensory perceptions the youngster relates to. Right into the child’s own world.

Then math as we conventionally know it, ceases to exist. In its place is a world full of colours, touch, sound and exploration that stimulates the child and makes the child eager for more. Math literally becomes ‘child’s play’.

It is the reason and core objective to start an innovator new idea launched by School Labs does. Welcome to the world of the ‘Math Lab’. A’ one-of-its-kind’ product that transforms every school it touches. In fact, it’s a programme that applies math to everyday situations and practices, thus orienting children to face the ‘real world’… meaningfully. Ensuring that they become effective problem-solvers in the future.

Developed after many years of research, the Math Lab creates an environment for student-centric explorative learning [learning by doing). It is entirely structured on NCERT guidelines which emphasize discovery, enrichment, and verification of facts, reinforcement and demonstration of concepts using aids, charts and models. It focuses on a project-based learning approach, which makes it adaptable to a constructivist approach like National Curriculum Framework 2005.

Go ahead. Explore a new dimension of ‘teaching-learning’ with the Fact Finders ‘Math Lab’.

This ‘visualize-touch-feel-and-learn’ Math system comes with its own unique components… the complete infrastructure, the design, computers with peripherals, multiple teaching and learning aids comprising technology applications, videos, manipulative and measuring instruments, tables and charts and so much more. In fact, it’s a complete ‘Mathematics Learning Experience’ brought to your school, just for your students.


14 Clusters

Power of Probability

Theorem Treasure

Tension Free Algebra

Money Matters

Magic of plane geometry

MS Mensuration

Tricky Trignometry

Twinkle Time

P-A-C Patacub

Mr. Pythagoras

Mystery of PI

Solid ‘R’ Solid

Taste ‘D’ Trundle

FDP (Fraction, Decimals, Percentage)


Maths Lab (Primary school)

Math Lab (High School)






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