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Viswam School Labs Math Lab is Activity Centered. It helps the students explore and discover solutions to math problems. An integral part of the mathematics lab is the manipulation of objects. Helps students bridge the gap between real and abstract worlds. Students learn to understand their world in terms of numbers and shapes.

Designed and developed to suit CBSE, State & ICSE boards.

Teacher centered – Child friendly

Products of Fact Finders are custom made and imported material.

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Material free of choking hazards.

20 Clusters

3D Magic Volume & Capacity : Solid geometry and investigate shapes, faces, vertices, edges, curves and angels with this 17 piece set of transparent plastic shapes.

Amazing Abacus : Place value is the value given to an Individual number based on its placement within a longer number. In a decimal system, the places to the left of the decimal point are ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on.

Balance With Bear Family : Balance with bear family is an innovative, excellent, multi-purpose, handy weighing balance. Perfect for exploring basic measurement concepts. Students can measure liquids or dry items, solids, estimate, compare and contrast. Set of bear weights provided with balance. Comparison and relation between mass, weight,  volume, density and capacity

Brain Twister Puzzles : Brainy-Wood is a participatory, playful, hands-on, brains-working challenges that churns out the Creative – Lateral – Visual – Spatial – and Cognitive thinking abilities  in the children making them tomorrow’s strong citizens with a skill-set not to leave the “seemingly-irresolvable-challenges”  of the world but to  persevere the challenges and resolve them creatively  with wooden models in a fun way method.

Coins and currency : The entire world is ruled by one word i.e.. MONEY. Money is used by everyone. Without money we cannot buy anything we want in our day to day life. Every country has its own Currency and each is called by a different name. In India we call our money rupees and paise. (Paise is the plural of paisa.) Every hundred paisa make one rupee.

Cubical Fun : INTERLOCKING CUBES are made of plastic that come in an array of colors. In mathematics, teachers use these cubes as manipulative to teach a variety of skills and concepts related to the subject including patterning, identities, etc., Interlocking cubes are one of the most widely used math manipulative in the world. These 10 color interlocking cubes help children to learn number of math concepts.

Fraction In Action : Learning fractions can be a dreaded experience for many students. Manipulatives to teach fractions  are item that can be physically manipulated by a student with their hands  to help them understand  about fraction and work out problems. Fraction manipulatives are excellent learning tools and comes in different shapes.

Geometrical World : Geometry is the mathematics of space and shape, which is the bases of all things that exist. Understanding geometry is a necessary step in understanding how the world is built. Geometry is a study of points, lines and angles and how they combine to make difficult shapes. Geometry is a study of Area, Perimeter and Volume.

Measuring Mantra : Measurement is the process or the result of determining the ratio of a physical quantity, such as Length, Weight, Volume, Time, Temperature etc., to a unit of measurement, such as the meters, grams, millimeters second or degree Celsius. These durable polypropylene set come in calibrations of 10ml,25ml,50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml and 1000 ml for volume experiments.

Shape World : The entire world is created with amazing shapes.

2D geometrical shapes set : This set of 10 plane geometrical figure comes in thick plastic  sheets, vibrant in color flexible and washable. These shapes help to draw various geometrical figures on board.

Pattern Mould Set : This set consists of 12 geometrical hallow moulds& set of clay helps children to make various geometrical figure by fun and learn activity. Circle, Star, Square, Semi-circle, Trapezium, Triangle, Oval, Rhombus, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon.

3D Polyhedron set : Introduce students to solid geometry and investigate these Shapes, Faces, Vertices,  Edges and Angles. With this  12-piece set of plastic 3D shapes , teaching geometry &  Measuring Facts is easy to  understand by 3D geometrical shapes.

Twinkling Triangles : To understand and develop the skills of making complex mathematical pattern by using 3 different dimensions of right angle triangle with assorted colors. Sides of right angled triangle measure 3.5cm, 2.5cm & 1.5cm We can create different patterns with twinkling triangles.

3 Dimensional Paper Nets : The physical representation of a geometric net is a 3D object that is cut open and laid flat exposing individual shapes used to build the 3D fig. Use tangible objects for introducing geometric nets. So, students gain a visual grasp behind the idea of exploring surface areas inside 3D shapes. T-shaped nets (2 Pcs. of each shape). Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Pyramid, Prism, Cone, Triangular ball wooden pyramid.


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