FACE – Foundation of all competitive exams 15 volumes

The caption – FACE – itself reveals that it is only the FACE not all parts of the Body.

Hence, we have to view this FACE as the FACE is the “INDEX” of MIND.

Benefits of Book “FACE for those who aspire for the Jobs in Government and Private Institutions.

Naturally the aspirants are in confusion, how to prepare and what to study, how to find out the necessary information for the Exams they have to appear.

If one can find the ‘Book’ “FACE” his/her search ends here.

This Book Guides and enables the aspirant:-

  • To Save Time
  • The specific Item one has to take up for success.
  • If the aspirant observes the BOOK “FACE” closely he/she finds answers for his Thirst of Knowledge.
  • This Book “FACE” safely leads the aspirant to his Goal.
  • To achieve or to reach his/her Goal “FACE” provides and effective learning experience.
  • This Book “FACE” gives the aspirant an abundant Resource to follow and pass through.
  • Planning of syllabus is rightly given to help the Job-seekers.
  • The “FACE” Book helps to boost the score in any highly appreciated Jobs in general and Government [State/Central] Departments
  • The Younger generation who opts to serve the Society without any obligation- This Book “FACE” Guides and give knowledge and provides opportunity to full fill the “EGO”-
    1. e. to serve the society selflessly.

How important is it to read Books like “FACE SERIES OF BOOKS” for Competitive Examinations/Tests?

 It is very “Important” to read Books like “FACE SERIES OF BOOKS” a rich content on almost every important “TOPICS” which is very crucial to write Essay papers (or) General Knowledge, especially “5” “SEGMENTS” such as Geography, History, Polity, Economy, and Environment. From these FACE Series of Books will get Facts and Figures, all of which the candidate/student may not remember but answers written with facts are more credible and attention seeking and it will fetch the candidate (or) student gets more Marks in his/her Test/Examination.

In the END, reading FACE Series Books which comprises of 5 SEGMENTS as stated above will Sharpen and Broaden the Candidate (or) Student Thinking, which is very important at every stage of his/her appearing Competitive Examination (or) Test.

As, Now-a-days, the Service Commissions Examination pattern change and also now-a-days papers are purely an Analysis based papers. So, in this content, FACE Series of Books have become more important, now.

Finally, I guess these are enough reasons to read FACE Series of Books.

Title Name ISBN Number
An introduction to economy 978-81-938422-0-1
Dynamics of Indian economy 978-81-938422-1-8
Antiques of India 978-81-938422-2-5
Age of Indo-Islamic Empires 978-81-938422-3-2
Emergence of Modern World 978-81-938422-4-9
Incredible India- Art and Culture 978-81-938422-5-6
Monarchies to Democratic Republic 978-81-938422-6-3
Introduction to Indian Constitution 978-81-938422-7-0
Union Government 978-81-938422-8-7
State government and Comparative Constitutions 978-81-938422-9-4
Environment 978-81-938738-0-9
Earth’s Topography 978-81-938738-1-6
Earth’s Nature Landscape 978-81-938738-2-3
Geomorphology 978-81-938738-3-0
Climatology 978-81-938738-4-7


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