What is TTI?

Teacher Training Program is a job oriented preparation program for citizens who are interested to pursue their career as a school teacher. This is a certified course conducted by Viswam Edutech Solutions Pvt.Ltd in association with JNNCYE JAWAHARLAL NEHRU NATIONAL YOUTH CENTRE COUNCIL OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING (JNNYCCET). The Certificate from JNNYCCET have global recognition , as our students are equipped with a cutting edge to handle global challenges. Our students are employed in reputed organizations both in India and abroad.

We Have

  •  Certified Pre Primary Teachers Training Program
  •  In house teacher training program
  •  Abacus Certified Program
  •  Vedic Math Cerified Program
  •  Calligraphy Certified Program

Certified Pre Primary Teachers Training:

The role of pre primary teachers is to lay the foundation for the maximum development of children and provide them with a secure and positive learning environmental.This training programs focus on lesson planning,time tabling,skills,preparing delightful materials for the children who could be engaged in playful activities.

Diploma in Computer Teacher Training
12 Months
12th Standard
Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course
12 Months
12th Standard
Diploma in Anganwadi & Balwadi TTC (Rural Only)
06 Months
10th Standard
Diploma in Computer Teacher Training
06 Months
10th Standard
Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course
06 Months
10th Standard
In house teacher training :

Viswam Edutech is specialized and provides special trainings for in-service teachers.

  •  Subject Oriented Training :

    Training will be provided to the inservice teachers in their respected subjects by experts. Orientation motivation,subjects content development will be explaine and concepts will be developed lesson planning material preparation ,concept motivation and development, question paper preparation scholastic records etc, are the fields where the training will be given.

  •  CCE Base Teachers Training :

    CCe continous and comprehensive evaluation refers to asystem of school base assessment that covers all aspects of students development. We provide training in this part where teachers will learn how to use variety of tools for teaching understanding different learning styles and abilities, showing assessment criteria etc.,. As cce covers scholastic co-scholiastic weightage of formations & summative assessments gradiving ,etc concepted understanding training will be provided on all above aspects to inservice teachers.

Abacus Certified Teachers Teaching:

Abacus teachers training are a unique opportunity to earn second income and main income for many. Abacus training classes due to its unmatched benefits for children is popular across the world and qualifying as a trained and certified abacus trainer or teachers opens new opportunities for professionals to start their career either as a trainer or a teacher.
The trained individuals can also open their own centers with the help of or company.

Vedic Math Certified Teachers Training:

Vedic math is an ancient system of mathematics that was re discovered by sri bharti Krishna thirthaji, who was an Indian scholar well versed in Sanskrit,English,Mathematics, and Astronomy .He deciphered Indian texts,known as the Ganita sutras to discover 16 short verses ,known as sutras.If these sutras applied correctly will enable the learner to do the mathematical problems without using any aid.
Vedic math learning and teaching is also an opportunity to earn money as parttime. We provide certified training for vedic math where the trainee once complete the training can opt for trainings provided by us or they can run a center on their own which will be guided by us.

Calligraphy (Hand writing Improvement) Certified teacher training :

A good hand writing is a pleasure both to the writer and the observer.Only with good alignment can be good hand writing obtained there are certain rules to follow which lead to good handwriting .Hand writing change in hand writing will change the attitude of the learner, Children will become more creative and self confident.
This certified training will be provided to the individual where they have an opportunity to choose calligraphy workshop career provided by our company or they can go with their own centers.



Teacher Training Program

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