Viswam School Labs– is situated in the Pearl City, Hyderabad, India. The organization has various vertical in the field of Education & Training and caters to a variety of audiences including children, trainers, faculty, professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate clients, to name a few. “The Expressive English Language Lab” (EELL) is a well-designed program for children to learn the subject beyond the curriculum of the textbook.

Our methodology encourages the learners to play games & engage in activities that can be used for learning the content, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, for review & reinforcement.

The Government of India and the State Government recommend all the schools to introduce communication skills, public speaking, mind mapping and other special skills as part of their regular curriculum. The thought behind this initiative is to develop these skills in children right from the beginning, so that they would be well equipped to excel in their higher education and further in their jobs.

Viswam School Labs introduce this methodology with simple and proven techniques for Memorizing, Public Speaking and Personality Development. This stress free learning helps the children to have a command over the English language, builds self-confidence and improves concentration.

This methodology of EXPRESSIVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LAB (EELL) will upgrade the personality of the children and will make them better individuals and citizens of the country.

Market Research states that attention through communication takes place in the following manner:

Gestures and Body Language contribute to 55%

Style and Voice Modulation contribute to 38%

Verbal Communication (words) contributes to 7% of the Effective Communication.

The ‘EELL’ – Expressive English Language Lab methodology is extremely effective, practical & useful for the participants as it has been introduced in alignment with the above research & embodies the following fundamentals:

important to create interest in the minds of the learners in a novel way. EELL runs through Audio Visual with Activity.

A) CONCEPT: ‘EELL is an innovative & a highly effective methodology for beginners, children & faculty to comprehend and internalize basics & concepts of English language in a simple, fun filled and stress free manner.

B) APPROACH: The ‘EELL’ methodology is an output of 6 ‘R’ approach. The application based RESEARCH findings on human brain have been seamlessly blended in the ‘EELL’ methodology to deliver maximum benefit to the learner so that all the RECIPIENTS find it RELEVANT, easy to RECEIVE, RETAIN and RECALL.

C) TECHNIQUES: The basics are delivered using activity based personal experience along with the immensely powerful concepts of human brain functioning such as ‘the law of concentration’, ‘the power of habit’, ‘the art of mind mapping & whole brain learning’ & ‘principle of multiple intelligence’.

D) BENEFIT: The simple yet effective approach and the techniques used in ‘EELL’ methodology increase the involvement and the enthusiasm of the learners & lead to speed learning. It assists information of long term memory and prompt recall. It is extremely interactive & effective for participants across groups, genders, nationalities & geographical boundaries.


The overall program is delivered through a combination of USB & WORKBOOK. The audio visual program is of 3 to 4 hours duration delivered through a high quality resolution, colorful but controlled animation and voice over with background music.

The USB is synchronized with a beautifully designed ‘WORK BOOK’. The VISUAL EFFECTS in the TEXT and the METHODOLOGY design will encourage the children to be involved, participate & productively contribute in the collective learning and self educating approach.

Our methodology has been trail marketed in the Indian and overseas markets. The response has been very encouraging and we hope that shall find it equally engaging and fulfilling.

Expressive English Language Lab aims to enhance proficiency in communication skills through its emphasis on activity-based learning, Well designed curriculum fully equipped with : –

  • Audio Visual
  • Body Gestures
  • Dramatic Representations
  • Fun Filled Learning
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonetics


  • School Kit

1. Teacher manuals & key books
2. MLFT (Micro Level Faculty Training USB)
3. School Authorization Certificate
4. Banner
5. Time Mat
6. Faculty Participation Certificate
7. Game mats
8. Flash cards
9. Grammar charts
10. Communicative English annexure
11.Rubrics for assessments
12. Examination papers with keys

  • Student Kit

1. Work book to practice
2. Participation Certificate
3. Communicative English annexure



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